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The red wine Amor dedicates its label to the notes of the concentrated grape Syrah variety , which is grown in the Lazio region. The red colour of the label is inspired by the bright red shades of Syrah and the name is a neologism with the word “Amore”.


The white wine Monopolis is based on Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in Apulia. It’s a wine with fresh and fruity aromas ; notes of lentisk orchid flowers and poppy, a typical cultivation of the Apulian territory. . The label shows a panoramic view of the Apulian coasts with its typical white houses along the sea and the characteristic blue- red fishermen boats.


Mediterraneum represents a red cabernet sauvignon grown in the Sicily region:
The taste is full, round, harmonious like in the best Cabernets. The nose has scents of cassis and spicy notes
Mediterraneum is so called because Sicily represents the cradle of the Mediterranean. The label reminds the sober colors of the warm Sicilian terroir.


Sandomino is an apulian Primitivo , one of the most famous wines in the world . Its name is inspired by the fact that today Primitivo prevails on many other types of italian wines, because it has become the most popular grape variety in Europe.


Sirenum is a fancy name inspired by the tales of sailors who told tales about memaids and sang their songs, when they landed on the Tyrrhenian coast of Campania.

A white wine with fresh, fruity, dry flavors based on Falanghina and Chardonnay. The vineyards are grown in an area that extends from the Campania hinterland to the coast.


Tre Torri is a Merlot produced in Apulia . The label is from the Apulian white city of Ostuni whose heraldic symbol is represented by three turrets.
The Merlot produced in these lands has an intense red color with captivating purplish nuances. On the nose hints of raspbery and violet. On the palate it has hints of cherry and plum cherry and plum on the èpalate .
The harmonious and persistent taste is typical of Apulian wines.